Welcome to the Global Gabe travel blog!

I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to travel.

I love everything about it. Seeing epic new sights, tasting yummy exotic foods, meeting people from all over the world, and discovering and learning about foreign cultures, languages, and history — I find it all so stimulating. I also particularly enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence that you get while travelling the world, living abroad, or working as a digital nomad.

I’ll be using this blog, Global Gabe, as an outlet to proudly geek out and to share some useful travel tips and tales with you. I hope my content will inspire you and help you prepare for any of your future adventures.

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Tips & Resources

Getting ready for a trip can be difficult at times. I want to equip you with the best travel advice & tools available so that you’ll be properly prepared no matter where you go.

Tales & Reviews

The most effective way to prepare for your own trips is to learn from the experiences of others. I hope I can help you by sharing details of the places I go and the things I do.

Travel News

As a global citizen and avid traveller, it’s important to have an idea of what’s going on in the world around us because it has the possibility of affecting our travel plans (and our lives in general).

About Gabe

A seasoned traveller

But mostly just an addict who indulges in his drug of choice quite frequently – I hope you still know I’m talking about travel. 

I’ve traveled to over 35 countries and I plan to keep the tally rising.

Currently based in Madrid, Spain

I’m currently living in Madrid, Spain where I am diligently trying to improve my Spanish with the aid of complete immersion. 

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